Travel Preferences

Below is the information needed to serve as your virtual travel assistant.  Copy and paste your responses via the contact submission form, or call and lets chat.  I look forward to saving you time in your travel endeavors.
Basic contact info
  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Mailing Address
  • Known Traveller # (TSA Pre-Check)
  • Cell phone
  • Texts or not?
  • Work phone
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact Name
  • Emergency contact phone
  • Emergency contact email
  • Special conditions or allergies to be aware of
  • Preferred Airline
  • Frequent Flyer Number
  • Second/Third Preferred Airline
  • Frequent Flyer Number
  • Username/Login - Each airline's website
  • Preferred Class (First, Business, Coach)
  • Do you check bags? If so, how many usually?
  • Aisle or Window?
  • Front, middle or back of plane preferred?
  • Special accommodations needed (allergies, wheelchair, extra legroom seating, etc.)
  • Types of planes to avoid (if any)
  • Types of connections to avoid (if any) (Short connections, multiple connections, etc.)
  • Preferred hotel brand
  • Does specific hotel matter or are in-family partner hotels (Hilton Garden Inn vs. Hilton, etc.) acceptable?
  • Second/Third preferred hotel brand?
  • Honors/Rewards Number for each
  • Username/Password to hotel website
  • Preferred bed (queen, king, double)
  • Preferred style of room (suite, business class, handicapped accessible)
  • Smoking or non-smoking?
  • Floor preference? (High, low, ground, etc.)
  • Special requests/accommodations (turn-down service, breakfast buffet, hotel spa, etc.)
  • Location preferences (close to business venue, close to hotel, close to p public transportation, etc.)
  • Are you interested in home/room sharing services like AirBnB as an option? If so, please list any preferences:
  • Preferred car service/ground service (if applicable)  - List city, name of service, contact information
  • Do you prefer a type of vehicle? (Town car, limousine, SUV, ride sharing service)
  • Do you use Uber or Lyft? Do you need us to arrange for those pickups (additional fees may apply)
  • Do you typically need booking beyond airport to hotel and back? If so, please explain:
  • Do you have a ceiling cost per ride you'd like to adhere to? 
  • Preferred rental car service
  • Rewards/Member number
  • Username/Password to website
  • Preferred type of vehicle?
  • Do you have a ceiling per day for cost of a car? 
  • Do you need a GPS device?
  • Do you wish to pre-pay gasoline or fill it up before returning?
  • Do you wish to accept or decline additional insurance policy?
  • Do you typically wish to pick up or drop off somewhere other than the airport? If so, please explain:
  • Do you typically book through or have memberships on any major travel websites? (Priceline, CheapTickets,, etc.?)
  • What are your usernames and passwords for each?
  • Which do you prefer we use to book flights, hotels and/or cars? Please explain which sites you prefer us to use for each type of booking.
  • Do you use a travel app to keep your itineraries coordinated? 
  • Which travel app do you use? (Tripit, TripCase, etc.)
  • What is your username and password for the primary app you use?
  • What is the forwarding address to automatically update your itineraries? (, etc.)
  • Do you wish to see proposed itineraries and approve before booking?
  • Credit card number
  • Expiration Date
  • CCV code
  • Name on Card
  • Mailing address for card, including zip code



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